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Summarizing Dr Lall’s profile in a few words is a task. Saurabh is widely recognized as the youngest and most awarded medical practitioner of the country today. A well read dynamic thought persona saw Saurabh drift out of the traditional Dental clinics and imbibe the world as his drawing board. Landing journals and editorial roles in some of the top names in Science, Health and Dentistry domains came easy for Saurabh. One could see Saurabh being a regular invitee at top conferences as well and media events.

Apart from being the top awardee, Saurabh has been instrumental in consulting and mentoring CXOs in hospital management, patient care, internal processes and employee management fields. Saurabh has been constantly engaged in talks, trainings as well as project validation at a strategic level within the MedTech and Healthcare domains. Saurabh’s advise is sought for M&A decisions, strategic planning, marketing initiatives and more.

Saurabh carries a global knowledge base on advancements, innovations and evolving doctor-patient relationship which multiple companies benefit from consistently. At the helm of affairs, Saurabh lends strategy and guidance to VYANA while managing overall execution.


  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) - India
  • Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) - India
  • Certificate in Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry (C.Aesth.Dent.)
  • Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy - USA
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine London - United Kingdom)

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