Oral Care

Oral Care


Ever wondered why the composition of widely available mouthwashes and rinses are almost never prescribed by established dental professionals. They are overloaded with sugars and are usually alcohol based and both of these ingredients react with teeth, gums etc. Some studies link them to cancer, heart ailments and many more systemic diseases.

SEASALINE is amongst the only known salt based compositions within the oral care markets which was created for patients undergoing dental procedures. An all natural recipes with Salt, Water and Clove as main ingredients, it has everything that we knew for generations to benefit oral care, pain and hygiene.

As the quality of water heads south and adulteration concerns within packaged recipes increases significantly, we see a need for a product that could be prescribed to all patients under dental care.

You can begin patient benefit with SEASALINE by clicking on the link below and signing up. We will do the rest for you.



Coming soon a recipe which will fill the gap within the affordable and patient friendly tooth whitening segments. Actively being developed and honed at our labs, this could spell ease of use like no other. Express your interest to know more about a sparkling smile and we will send you the details as we come close to launch.

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